Contractor All Risk Insurance

New buildings seem to be popping up all over town. We can see many construction works to build new buildings, houses, office, apartment, shopping mall and factory. You can face many risks involved during the construction of civil works related engineering job. Third party claims in respect to property damage or bodily injury arising from connection with the execution of this construction works are also can threat you.

We can provide you contractor’s all risk insurance, which give you comprehensive and adequate protection against all the risks involved in the construction, including liability to third party property damage or bodily injury arising out of your construction works. Covered parties include the principal, general contractor, subcontractors, and in some cases suppliers and manufacturers of equipment.

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* Any claim for compensation must comply with the conditions of the policy. Any breach of the above items may affect your interests.

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* The information contained in this website is a general summary. All terms and conditions are set out in the policy.