Taiping Unihome Care

Your Comprehensive Home Insurance

To give comprehensive for your home, we provide TAIPING UNIHOME CARE - comprehensive insurance designed for your home (including building and renovations, fixtures & fittings) and your household contents.

Put your mind at ease with our TAIPING UNIHOME CARE insurance.

We have A to Z - wide range of benefits and features and an even choice of best plans to suit your needs!

For as little as RP.4,110,- a day, you can enjoy the little comforts of the sanctuary you call home, knowing taht you are well protected by comprehensive home protection plan.



We cover the insured premises or residential flat occupied as private dwelling.

Renovation, Fixture & Fittings

We cover renovation, fixtures, fitting and decoration, including immovable household items such as built-in cabinets, cupboards and air-conditioning systems.

Household Contents

We cover all of your household contents.


  1. Building with occupation as private dwelling only
  2. Building of first class construction
  3. Building in good state condition


Insurance period of TAIPING UNIHOME CARE is one year from the date to be approved, at 12:00 noon local time.


The portion of claim for which the Insured is liable, please read and find the specific amount of excess in the Policy wording.


We cover A to Z - wide arrange of benefits and features:

  1. Fire
  2. Lightning
  3. Explosion
  4. Impact of Falling Aircraft
  5. Smoke
  6. Flood
  7. Windstorm
  8. Tempest
  9. Water Damager
  10. Riots
  11. Strikes
  12. Locked-Out Workers
  13. Malicious Acts
  14. Civil Commotions
  15. Looting during Riots / Civil Commotions
  16. Earthquake
  17. Volcanic Eruption
  18. Fire and Explosion following Earthquake and/or Volcanic Eruption
  19. Tsunami
  20. Impact Damage
  21. Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes
  22. Water discharge or leaking from any automatic sprinkler installation
  23. Burglary, housebreaking (whether attempted or actual)
  24. Theft (other than theft resulting burglary)
  25. Accidental breakage of fixed glass
  26. Landslip and/or subsidence directly caused by flodd


  1. Notify us immediately and provide full details in writing as soon as possible, at the latest 14 calendar days.
  2. Notify the police as soon as reasonably possible about any theft or attempt threat, or by malicious persons and cooperate with us in securing the conviction of the offender.
  3. Declare to us particulars of all other insurances, if any.
  4. Without delay procure and act on proper medical or surgical advice.
    In the event of the death of the insured person notice shall where practicable be given to us before interment or cremation stating the time and place of any inquest appointed and we shall be entitled to have a post mortem examination at our expense
  5. Send to us without delay any letter of claim, writ, summons or other legal document served on you

* Any claim for compensation must comply with the conditions of the policy. Any breach of the above items may affect your interests.

Product Enquiry: 252 2422 or email us at marketing@id.cntaiping.com

* The information contained in this website is a general summary. All terms and conditions are set out in the policy.